What is the MOQ per ítem?
In China we can produce from 50 units per desing and color with a mínimum of 30 references.
In Vietnam we can produce from 1.000 units per design including the 3 colors.

What quotation system do you use?
FOB. All the production finished, packed and ready to departure from the port of origin with all the required documents for export.

What does your Price include?
In general all our prices include the global finished garment, labeled, bagged and packed. FOB Price includes the transport up to the port of origin and the customs documents for its import/export.

Can we do repeat order?
Yes, as long as the mínimum needs of fabric and manufacturing is covered.

Does the first prototype have cost?
Yes, but it is a deposit tha would be reimboursed after production is finished.

For instance, how much would a men short swimingsuit cost?
Depends on a lot of factors, but it would be between FOB 5-12 USD

And for a girl or woman?
Between 4 and 10 USD (FOB)

And a mano r woman denim?
Between 8 to 12 USD (FOB)

Can you make samples for agents and distributors?
Yes, we can produce as many samples as needed provided a cost increase.

How long do you need for the development and production of a collection?
Depends on the complexity of the garment, quanity and the country where is produced.
The prototype develpment can take between 15 to 30 days.
A standard production would request 2 to 4 months.

How many customers do you currently have?
We work with mre than 20 brands all around the world.



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